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Evergreen's third album is out "Complicated to be Simple" ready for presale. You can contact us by email or on our Facebook page.
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the unseen dance cd The Unseen Dance

riding toward life
Riding Towards Life

Evergreen thoughts

Within all the connections interwoven between us through the years, including the way we - Gal, Moshe, Michal and Abe - met one another, there was always the sense of an enigma guiding us into the mysteries of Celtic music.

We have a longing for this music, and feel deeply that there is something else hidden beyond it. We ask ourselves: What is it connected to? Is there lost knowledge concealed within? A memory of a forgotten time? Perhaps healing? What does this music remember, that so many of us have forgotten?
As we play the music of the Irish, we attempt to follow the trail they left behind. Step after step, into the unknown.

“Evergreen” formed up in 1999, although each of our journeys, and that of the ensemble, began years before…

The group’s origins can be traced back to the time when it was virtually impossible to find Irish music in Israel. Each tape we owned became worn from playing, and was guarded as sacred.
The seeds of the Evergreen Project were there during the five years in which Abe played with the Riverdance company, traveling on tour throughout the world and ultimately deciding to fulfill his dream of living in Israel. They were there when Moshe asked Michal and Gal to play Irish music at his wedding, never dreaming he would one day join the ensemble. They even go back to when Michal and Gal met during high school and discovered their mutual love of Irish music. They shared the feeling that they were part of a big secret, knowing that therein lay something for them to discover. The seeds were even there at Michal and Gal’s wedding, when they dedicated the song “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” to one another.

From those times until now, the five of us have interwoven our love for Celtic music with our Israeli roots, bringing our work into new and original directions that are deeply connected to each one of us.
Over the years, the five of us have gathered more experience in life. We have studied, found success, stumbled and picked ourselves up again. We have created, recorded, travelled, returned, had children, and witnessed so much in life… And from all this, what remains - that which is of highest importance to us - is to touch our own lives and be able to touch the lives of others.

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