A devastating event led to the recording of "Ring of Protection".

In 2006, Tair Rada, age 13, was brutally murdered in her school, located in the northern Israeli town of Katzrin. The incident shocked the entire country, especially members of the Katzrin community.

The head of Katzrin’s Education Department, Mrs. Edith Kimchi, called upon Michal, along with the storyteller and healer Ma’ayan Ben Arieh, and asked them to work with Tair’s young classmates. Their mission was to conduct a process that would help the girls to deal with the difficult emotions they were experiencing following this traumatic incident. One aspect of their work was to create a song, along with the children, which the girls could sing to bring comfort to themselves and the people of Katzrin.

After a few months, deep into the work, Michal collected the notes she had made, along with the burning questions about life that the girls had raised, and wove them into a song, composing new music for the piece. A choir was formed from the girls in the class and, together with “Evergreen” and the singer Dana Keren, they recorded the newly entitled “Ring of Protection.” The song was recorded by Adi Drucker at Music Project Studios in Amirim.
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