We became involved in the Yirmi Bardanov project through Michal’s family ties. It was yet another project in which we mysteriously found ourselves, making contact with something that touched us, moved us to create, and helped us to interweave our Israeli reality with the Celtic style.

Yirmi Bardenov, one of the first paratroopers and an Israeli hero, was also Michal’s uncle, although she never met him. Michal grew up hearing how Yirmi not only excelled as a soldier, an officer and a brave combatant; but was also a sensitive, refined poet with a great sense of humor.

His story goes back to the 50s, when Yirmi was greatly troubled by the state of the country at the time. Frequent attacks on Jewish settlements and the ongoing murder of citizens had become part of daily life. Just days after his release from the army, Yirmi heard of an upcoming operation and volunteered to rejoin the force. “What can I do?” he said. “I cannot sit at home, while my friends are going into combat. I must join them.” On October 10, 1956, as part of the Kalkilya Campaign under Ariel Sharon’s command, Yirmi was killed while trying to extricate his friends from an armored personnel carrier under heavy cross-fire. The day he fell in combat was also his birthday.

In 2006, fifty years after Yirmi died in battle, Michal’s father asked “Evergreen” if we could revive a song that was written one year after his death. The words were written by Binyamin Avigal, and the music was composed by Dudu Shani, in the spirit of the 50s in Israel. Together with the singer Eli Yablonka, we tried to combine the heroism of the era with the passion for life and the love of nature that were the essence of Yirmi; and there is nothing like the Celtic style to invoke these feelings.

Thus, a song that was almost forgotten was renewed. The song was broadcast on all Israeli radio stations and has since been broadcast every Memorial Day.
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